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Seamless Chex
Accept eChecks
By Phone and Online.
Instant acceptance of checks

Instant verification to determine if customer has funds to cover check
No waiting for checks to come in the mail
No transaction limit
Automatic deposits to your bank


Send and Receive
Verified ACH Payments
Ability to send digital checks or ACH payments
No need to mail paper checks

Ability to send electronic invoices with "Payment" button
Instant bank verification
Real-time check tracking


Accept Credit Card
and ACH Payments
One place to receive all credit card and ACH payments
Accept payment online or in-store

Our network of 15+ banks to choose from
High-risk payment specialists
Real-time check tracking


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  • Send/Recieve
  • eCheck verification
  • Invoicing
  • Recurring Billing
  • Accept check payment by phone
  • Setup and Approval
  • Standard Funding
  • Deposits
  • Verification
  • Connectivety
  • FreeTrial
echeck processing


Plus 5% and
$0.50 per check
2-3 days
Next day


Plus 2.75% and
24 hours
2 days

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Instantly send & request verified bank transfers
Send & Receive payments
Instant account setup
Instant balance confirmation
Recurring billing
Electronic deposits


Accept eChecks/ACH payments online
Online, In Store, Mail, or Phone
Receive payments
24 hours account setup
Recurring billing
Electronic deposits


Instantly accept eChecks online
Phone, Fax, or Online
Receive payments
Instant account setup
Instant balance confirmation
Print and manual deposit
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